Emu On The Go

This blog is all about Emu! Emu is a Paws with a Cause puppy being raised by Rich Voci and Julie Keith.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Everything with Emu is going well I just haven't blogged in a while. Visits to Meijer and other places are going amazingly well. Emu already seems to be born to help. He doesn't know what stay is yet and yet follows right next to me (especially with a cart) and then just sits when I stop. I even can hook him to the cart and leave to go get something and he just sits and watches me. At 10 weeks this amazes me, especially compared to our other Paws puppies at that age!
Merry Christmas from the gang, this picture took a while but the shot was worth it!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The blonde horde

Emu seems to be okay with being ganged up on for playing.  Crumpet (foreground, no her tail is not cropped just wagging hard) is extremely rambunctious and plays a little rough but will calm down.  Luna is happy to have a playmate that won't run her over.


Day 1
This blog is all about Emu who is a Paws with a Cause puppy who is being raised by Rich Voci and Julie Keith. Emu arrived home on Thursday Nov 29. His friends here are dogs Luna and Crumpet (his aunt, Cheeto's sister) and cats Al, CeCe, and Shadow. Al who is about 18 is the brave one who goes up to him while the younger ones stay clear. So far Emu is adjusting well, no accidents yet! Knock on wood! Exploring, eating and sleeping are the main events in life. He is going to take his first trip to Meijer today where he will meet his friend Brad, the store manager, who is wheelchair bound. Hopefully there will be no accidents there either.